Up Close and Personal – Colette Edwards

Exhibition Opening Sat, 9th September 2023 @2pm The idea for these works took root during the 2km Covid restrictions. With the pace of life slowed to an almost halt, my […]

Brenda Flannery ‘Time out of Time’

Exhibition Opening on Saturday, 13th May – @2pm in the Concourse Gallery “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul”. French philosopher […]

Sorcha McNamara ‘Fathomless Arms’

Exhibition Opening Saturday March 4th @2pm (on the concourse) About Fathomless Arms Sorcha works as a painter; or more accurately a maker of things. But even ‘maker’ isn’t really the […]

Serena Caulfield ‘Convergences’

Serena Caulfield (b. 1985) is (a ‘painter’) an artist who makes paintings. Memories morph into tall tales. Invented imagery invites novel narratives. Transforming old to new, past to present, absence […]

When the Sea Comes Knocking

Opening Saturday January 21st 2pm Photography Exhibition by Michael Gannon. Opening Reception Saturday 21st January at 2pm by Marine Biologist Kevin Murphy BSc(Hons) All Welcome: Free event

Ektos: An Exhibition by Philip Arneill

All Welcome: This Exhibition runs until the February 25th Ektos (‘outside’ in Greek) is the root of ‘ectoplasm’, the physical substance left behind by ghosts. Even before Covid, Ireland faced […]