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This Exhibition will run from Thursday, 2nd of November until Saturday, 16th of December 2023

Exhibition Statement

Where were you, when I found it? is a solo exhibition by Kate Murphy investigating the methods of creating and holding space for rest and reflection through a built assemblage. Through the gathering of materials to explore the role of the ‘art object’, in conjunction with practicality in exhibition making, this installation references the artist’s long-term interest in Japanese design and architecture, especially traditional and modern Tea Houses. This fascination is rooted in the clarity, subtly and practicality of a space created for a specific purpose.
During the artists research period, she encountered an object that both shifted the trajectory of the research and slotted into it perfectly: a 1930’s Spanish Birthing Stool in the Maybachufer Market Berlin in May, 2023. This object became a focus of fascination for months both within the artists practice and in her day to day life.

A dark stained wood stool that sits low to the ground with three legs that can be removed, a mid-century iteration of modular furniture – pre-ikea practicality, for 1930’s births. Kate became obsessed with the idea of being able to rearrange, assemble and un-assemble this stool – key principles that make up her own practice of working with interchangeable elements to make an installation. The material and visual links between the design and history of this stool, other similar birthing furniture, and her current work continued to reveal themselves and influenced the realisation of her work for this exhibition.

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This exhibition will end on Sat, 16th December 2023
Gallery Opening Times: Tue to Sat from 10am until 6pm

Admission Free