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Monday 28th October – 1st November @ 10am

Better than the optical sensors on your camera is your eye, watercolours are one of the best ways to capture the light, the colour and the passing of the seasons.

In this workshop we will look at the watercolour pack, the choices you have to make to build your pack. As part of the workshop you will receive a basic kit and enough information to understand the different choices in paper, paints and brushes.

We will do some painting in and around the art centre to understand washes, reserves, building layers. There will also be brief history of watercolour materials and watercolours as a technique. 

The aim of the workshop is to build the participants’ confidence to experiment, exchange and invest in their watercolour practice with an eye enabling participants to make their practice mobile. Ideally turning those moments waiting in a car into an opportunity to catch the light, the landscape and reconnect with yourself.

Limited Spaces available

Information about Chad: https://chadkeveny.com/