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Exhibition Opening Sat, 9th September 2023 @2pm

The idea for these works took root during the 2km Covid restrictions. With the pace of life slowed to an almost halt, my interest in eroded surfaces intensified. The rust patterns on a derelict skip or the markings on the battered blue barrel at the end of the lane became a visual worth exploring.

During these solitary walks, these patterns of erosion appeared to me as a succession of mini landscapes.

As with all my creative processes, the interest extended to observe patterns of natural phenomena, e.g. moonlight on the River Moy and the sky reflected in the flooded fields. 

As Covid restrictions lifted, my exploration extended towards the coastal areas of Mayo, where the natural patterns of the sea and landscapes broadened my visual field.

On a deeper level the theme of erosion can be seen as a metaphor for the events and experiences of personal life. In the same way that the weathered and eroded surfaces open up the field of colour bringing its own beauty, so too can life’s occurrences over time reveal hidden strengths, beauty and resilience.