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Friday, 12th July @10am – 12pm

Hello, my name is Max Zaska. I’m a guitarist / composer / Soul & Jazz artist living in Kildare. I’m delighted to be hosting this guitar techniques workshop in Ballina and look forward to meeting all the local players. Guitarists from any background are welcome but will be tailored towards teenagers ages 13 – 17 who have already have a couple of years of playing experience. The aim is to advance your guitar playing by exploring harmony, soloing, guitar tone and have a lot of fun too. Looking forward to seeing you all there, Max.

Workshop Outline:

Guitar Soloing: We will begin with a simple jam in A minor to get everyone loosened up. Once we have a nice groove set up I will go around the room and ask everyone to do a very quick solo for me. We will then explore a few different ideas anyone can use to improvise over this.

Chords: I will then show you how to turn simple chords into more advanced 7th versions and start to sound a little jazzier. We will explore how to play these chords in different positions and keys and how this can help hugely with both songwriting and also improv too.

Guitar Tone: I’ll show you then how to get great tone out of your instrument using simple effects and how to position these in your effects chain. Everything can effect your tone from strings, picks, amps, pedals & guitars and we will explore all of the variations.

Rhythm: Lastly we will talk about the importance of rhythm and by treating your guitar like a percussion instrument, how you can sound a lot funkier. We will finish with a jam again and use all the concepts we have learned in the session.