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Emma Zukovic – Parallel Familiars

Opens on Saturday, 30th March 2024 @2pm

Emma Zukovic, a visual artist and filmmaker currently based in Galway, has established a notable presence in the art world since graduating from LSAD in 2016. Her body of work encompasses non-narrative video projections, printmaking, and installations, all of which are deeply informed by the concept of human intervention within our environment.

In her latest exhibition, “Parallel Familiars,” Zukovic delves into the theory of ‘post memory,’ examining how memories can transcend generations, especially in the aftermath of collective or cultural upheaval. Drawing insight from her Macedonian and Irish heritage, Zukovic’s work intricately weaves together the lasting cultural legacies of both her families.

From the enduring impact of British rule on Ireland, shaping the lives of generations for centuries, to the more recent collapse of former Yugoslavia and its aftermath, Zukovic delves into the profound effects of displacement and cultural trauma.

“Parallel Familiars” offers a poignant exploration of how historical events have not only shaped the landscapes of former Yugoslavia and Ireland but have also influenced Zukovic’s own artistic identity. Through her evocative etchings of uprooted botanicals on copper plates, she captures the haunting echoes of past trauma and loss, a people ‘uprooted’ from their cultural heritage. The presence of the endemic dead white nettle of the Balkans, alongside the resilient native Irish oak, symbolizes the decline of once-thriving cultures and the enduring connection to ancestral lands. “The immolation of a former state and the uprooted lives are etched into the memories of its survivors and the following generations.”

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Exhibition ends on Saturday, 25th May 2024

Gallery Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am until 6pm
Admission Free