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The Cork-City based artist Claire Murphy works with film and photography to examine the journey of birth and motherhood through a feminist lens using personal and universal narratives.

Closing Of The Bones is an exploration of childbirth through photography and text, by cultivating an environment that embraces the woman’s narrative and allows her story to resonate. The physicality of her journey is accentuated through meticulous care and attention devoted to her well-being. Through the act of sharing and establishing a nurturing and intimate space, women are empowered to assert ownership over their bodies and experiences. This exhibition is a new iteration of the 16mm film ‘Closing of the bones’.

Closing Of The Bones

The Closing Of The Bones ceremony originates in South America and is performed on a new mother soon after giving birth to her child. This ritual provides a place of support and care for the new mother. It acknowledges the labour the woman’s body has gone through in growing and birthing a baby and promotes healing to help the mother ‘come back’ into herself energetically and physically from the birth experience.