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Exhibition Opening on Saturday, 13th May – @2pm in the Concourse Gallery

“To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul”.

French philosopher Simone Weil

The work has evolved by examining the concept of time-consciousness, a strand of thought related to the study of conscious experience. The vast rural landscape of the West of Ireland inspires the work. The final presentation represents a quest for calm in a frenetic world. This quest leads us in search of a tranquil space of peace and stillness.

The paintings are recreated from images photographed during the Winter Solstice. Capturing light and atmosphere is at the core of the work. The magical, fleeting essence of light is encapsulated in the work so that we can contemplate the beauty and intensity of these transient moments a little longer before the temporality of the setting subsides and disappears to time.

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Exhibition will run until Saturday 24th June @6pm

Admission Free