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Ballina Arts Centre

Ballina Arts Centre is based in Ballina Co. Mayo, Ireland. The town of Ballina has an urban population of up to 15,000 people, with an additional 30,000 in the hinterland. For a number of years, much work has been done to develop an arts centre for the town. In 2011, that goal was realised when the redeveloped Ballina Arts Centre opened its its doors on Barrett St. Read More

Funders for the project

Arts Council, Mayo County Council, Ballina Town Council,
along with a considerable local contribution.

Ballina has been designated as a key locus to ensure equal provision of arts service
within the county of Mayo, which spans considerable geographic distances.






Ballina Arts Centre is working towards arts provision to achieve the following aims and objectives:   

  • to establish Ballina Arts Centre as a vibrant and successful Arts Organisation.                 
  • to provide an excellent quality of service to the community.
  • to establish the broadest possible base of funding for Ballina Arts Centre, in order to secure its future.
  • to be a centre of best practice for professional and non-professional artists.
  • to increase participation, enjoyment and awareness of the art.
  • and to establish a wide audience which is a representative of the whole community.

In order to achieve these aims and objectives, the centre plans and programmes across the whole spectrum of art forms and practices, to develop audiences for all arts forms. The programme includes:

  • Music development, endeavouring to achieve a balance between the major music forms and genres, including, classical, traditional, jazz, choral, world, folk, blues, etc.
  • Theatre and Dance.
  • Visual Arts, providing a year-long programme of exhibitions, gallery talks, and workshops.
  • Cultural Cinema – through Ballina Film Club and other film events such as Sound+Vision: Ballina Film Festival
  • Literary and educational events.

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